Tech Roundup 5th February 2016

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Feb 3: Microsoft starts downloading Windows 10 automatically through Windows Update

Sam says: ‘Automatic updates to start downloading Windows 10 for you seems like it could upset a lot of people wishing to remain on Windows 7 or 8. My advice would be if you aren't too opposed to trying out something new, give Windows 10 a try. It does have its benefits, the boot up speed is very good, the overall system looks nice and it is definitely an improvement from 8 and 8.1; having brought back a more traditional 'start' menu.’

Feb 1: BBC News - Digital safe offers solution to password thefts

Sam says: ‘A digital safe is a great concept and by the statistics from Silicon Safe, great in practice too. The price tag of £100,000 is quite large but if you are a large business trying to protect your systems I’m sure, for a proven solution you would be willing to pay to keep your data safe’.

Feb 4: Google pulls adblocking app for Samsung phones

Sam says: ‘The new adblocking app ‘Adblock Fast’ has been pulled from the Play Store for Samsung devices due to a breach of agreement for Android developers. They had breached an interference rule which was about unauthorised access to other apps; the adblocker had been directly interfacing with the Samsung Browser, which of course was unauthorised, leading to the app’s removal from the Samsung Play Store.'